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Your Horse’s Skin: The Barometer of Horse Health
by Hilary Pooley

The largest organ in a horse’s body is not its heart or lungs or liver, but the skin. Some experts say it is also the most neglected part of a horse’s body. This new book looks at how skin, hari, and hoof horn work together to protect the body, regulate temperature, and expand/contract. All those skin problems from mud fever to rain rot and sweet itch are covered. Full of color photos and diagrams, 192 pages, 7.5 x 9” paperback, Available in USA July 2005. $40 plus $6 post in USA, $12 rest of world, via air mail.

Horse Conformation Handbook: Evaluating a Horse for Soundness, Athletic Potential, Trainability and Heart, and Longevity
by Heather Smith Thomas, illustrated by Jo Anna Rissenen.

Stand back, here comes an all new guide to how to look at a horse. A veteran writer put in some long, long hours researching different approaches and theories to horse conformation, from the old timers’ truisms to state-of-the-art biomechanics theories. The section on the hind end is particularly helpful. There is no one out there who won’t find things of interest here. NOT a Pony Club manual. Soft cover (hard cover by special order), 400 pages, , indexed, 8.5 x 11”, fantastic drawings that look like realistic photos, numerous sidebar features and helpful “sky views” showing conformation of backs, loins and withers. $23 plus $7 post in USA, $15 rest of world via air mail.

* * *

Digital Equus Intro to Equine DentistryDIGITAL EQUUS: Introduction to Equine Dentistry educational DVD
by B A Rucker DVM, Directed by Matt Rach

$30 per DVD plus $5 post in USA, $10 air post elsewhere. (NTSC/USA format only) Worldwide launch March 2004.

Note: Dr Rucker conducted the wet lab in dentistry at the 2003 AAEP convention and at the 2004 Northeast Veterinary Conference in Providence.

Endorsement by Dr Chris Pollitt: “Excellent…extraordinary images! I will be taking this on my lecture tour in Europe to share with them. What an accomplishment!”

Dental Education for the 21st Century. Stunning 3D Computerized Graphics! From basic anatomy to the process of aging, Introduction to Equine Dentistry delivers incredible digital visuals and straight facts about the importance of equine teeth.

Experience real-time 3D motion of the chewing cycle and the aging process; witness live demonstrations of equine dentistry; and learn the latest developments in dental equipment and techniques. Topics covered:
* Anatomy of the Skull and Teeth
* The Chewing Cycle
* Aging Process
* Incisor & Molar Malocclusions
* A Guide to Age Indicators
* Tooth Nomenclature
* The Triadan System
* Examinations and Dentistry
Licensed veterinarians and horse-owners will share a common knowledge of equine anatomy, equine dentistry and the life-long care of horses. length: 27 min
Format: DVD Video
Audio: Dolby® Digital 2.0
Video System: NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Standard TV)
Price $30 each plus $5 shipping in USA; $10 elsewhere. Overnight Shipping to US points only; $35 additional charge.

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The Dynamic HorseTHE DYNAMIC HORSE: Biomechanical Guide to Equine Movement and Performance

By Hilary Clayton PhD MRCVS, the McPhail Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine;

Cost: $50 per book plus $6 post in USA, $15 air post elsewhere.
Published 26 July 2004. Details below.

DESCRIPTION: Hardcover (color, 6x9”, laminated), 267 pages bw text pages

PURPOSE: Classroom text for biomechanics or sports medicine courses, general reference for equine science, veterinary medicine, veterinary rehabilitation, gait analysis, orthopedics, anatomy, comparative anatomy.

FEATURES: Drawings and illustrations on most spreads, bibliography, index, sturdy binding, laminated cover.

CONTENTS: Language of biomechanics, Types of Movement, Gaits, The Horse’s Stride, Temporal Stride Diagrams, Linear Kinematics, Angular Kinematics, Aerial Motion, Kinetics Overview, Linear Kinetics, Angular Kinetics, Levers, Friction, Impact, Balance and Equilibrium, Energetics, Gait Characteristics, Ground Reaction Forces, Limb Mechanics.
Full Bibliography, Appendix Units of Measurement, Appendix Index of Symbols, Appendix Dealing with Vectors, Full Index

PUBLICATION DATE: 26 July worldwide release, available NOW.

OTHER BOOKS by this author (available as well): Conditioning Sport Horses, Color Atlas of Large Animal Applied Anatomy, Equine Locomotion, Equine Anatomy (forthcoming 2005, Elsevier)

AUTHOR is world leader in equine biomechanics research and consultation, Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at leading veterinary college (Michigan State), former president Association for Equine Sports Medicine, Scientific Chair 2004 International Conference on Equine Locomotion, leading lecturer, national champion dressage rider, subject of upcoming Discovery Channel special program on her research in equine biomechanics.

COST $50 per book plus $5 postage in US; $15 air mail postage elsewhere. (US funds only)

DELIVERY TERMS: Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery in US.

EXPEDITED DELIVERY: Add $20 additional postage fee ($25 total postage) for UPS 2-day delivery; add $30 for next-day delivery ($35 total postage) and make sure your street address and correct zip code provided. Foreign orders: US Postal Service air mail service is our standard. We have very good experience with foreign orders reaching our clients using air mail and cannot provide overnight service via other carriers.

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EQUAD Upper Airway Diseases in HorsesEQUAD: Upper Airway Diseases in Horses
interactive professional educational CD-ROM

Produced by Michael Weishaupt DMV and Jorg Auer DMV, Dipl. ACVS, ECVS of the University of Zurich Equine Hospital Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Cost: $55 per cd-rom plus $5 post in USA, $10 air post elsewhere. (PC/Mac dual format) Produced in late 2003; USA launch May 2004.

AUTHORS: Michael Weishaupt and Jorg Auer (University of Zurich, formerly Texas A&M University) editors with John Stick DVM (Michigan State University) and James Robertson DVM (The Ohio State University) Drs. Auer and Stick are co-authors of the Harcourt/Saunders text “Equine Surgery, Second Edition”.

FORMAT: PC/Mac dual format with 61 Quicktime video segments

DESCRIPTION: The EQUAD CD-ROM deals with the most common upper respiratory tract diseases in horses such as Laryngeal Hemiplegia, Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate or Epiglottic Entrapment.

Etiology, pathophysiology and the currently-performed diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of these diseases are presented in over 400 pictures and 61 videos.

The purpose of this educational CD-ROM is to offer a reference base, complementary to existing classic textbooks, that assists veterinary students, postgraduates and residents to prepare for their clinical or board examinations as well as equine clinicians for continuing education.

FEATURES: Drawings, pictures, videos, computer animations, sound; spirometric documentations; step-by-step surgery procedures; anatomy atlas; keyword search tool; reference list with direct MedLine links; printable
scripts in PDF-format, capability to record personal presentations

CONTENTS include these disorders: Idiopathic Laryngeal Hemiplegia (Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy) , Epiglottic Entrapment, Subepiglottic Cyst, Aryepiglottic Fold Flutter, Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate plus detailed surgical techniques, anatomy, animations, and much more. Direct links to Medline and complete references.

MEDIA: 400 very high-quality photos, extremely detailed anatomy drawings, 61 video segments, pdf (Adobe Acrobat) reference files, active internet hyperlinks, etc.

PUBLICATION DATE: 21 May 2004 US release, available NOW.

Note: This is certainly the most sophisticated media product offered in the equine vet med field. It is elegant, seamless, and has the highest quality illustrations and images possible, with clean, colorful graphics. It is a complete study course with fully integrated references, hyperlinks, anatomy illustrations, video, and text. This disk creates a very high standard for all future media products in the equine vet med field. It is the first in a series from the University of Zurich.

COST $55 per CD-ROM plus $5 postage in US; $10 air postage elsewhere. (US funds only)

DELIVERY TERMS: Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery in US.

EXPEDITED DELIVERY: Add $20 additional postage fee ($25 total postage) for UPS 2-day delivery; add $30 for next-day delivery ($35 total postage) and make sure your street address and correct zip code provided.

Foreign orders: US Postal Service air mail service is our standard. No expedited service outside USA.

PAYMENT: Visa/Mastercard accepted or personal/business checks in US dollars payable to HOOFCARE PUBLISHING.


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THE GLASS HORSE: Interactive Anatomy of the Equine Distal Limb It's here! Explore the horse's foot and lower leg at your own home computer! Marvel at highly interactive anatomical models with comprehensive narration and informative animations. Animated interface allows manipulation of models in three dimensions.

This is an extremely user-friendly experience designed to increase the users familiarity with anatomical structures and also to allow examination of all surfaces of bones, all regions of blood supply, and the relations of anatomical structures to the complete foot. Click here for more details!

Developed by the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

--system requirements (LINK to inside page)
--ordering instructions (LINK to inside page)

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An exhaustive examination of the effects of saddles on horses of all shapes and sizes, plus other sources of back pain. Covers all types of saddles, all shapes of horses and riders.
FORMAT: 218 pages, 8.5 x 9”, soft cover 170 color photos, 125 line drawings

PRICE $33 plus $6 post in USA, $12 Canada, $17 elsewhere (Send US funds only, Visa/MC preferred for foreign orders.)
ILLUSTRATIONS: 170 color photos, 125 line drawings including detailed saddle fit evaluation.
CONTENTS: Why Saddle Fit Matters, Recognizing Saddle Problems, Saddle Construction, Saddle Evaluation, Saddle Fit on the Horse, Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider Ridden Exam, Rider Balance and Saddle Fit, Fitting Saddles to Every Horse, Sensible Use of Saddle Pads, Measuring Horse’s Back, Saddles for Various Sports, Fitting Multiple Horses, Practical Finding a Saddle, Caring for Horse’s Back, Resources, Index.
OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Behavior or Performance Problems, Evaluting Posture and Use of Back, Problematic Breeds/Types, Shoeing for a Healthy Back
DELIVERY TIME: Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery in US.

In this highly illustrated, comprehensive book, Dr. Harman reveals that 75 percent of horses that are chronically stiff, crooked, resistant, or disagreeable are reacting to back pain caused by an ill-fitting saddle.

The reader is introduced to the factors that must be considered when searching for a saddle--numerous elements of horse and rider conformation and saddle construction--and painstakingly walked through the process of determining how the function of the horse's back, and the competence of the rider's seat are affected by them. It is made astoundingly clear that the results of conscientious saddle fitting are a horse that performs eagerly and moves freely, and a rider who finds it easy to correct her position, communicate her aids, and sit on her horse in a relaxed and balanced manner.

Dr. Harman includes a thorough chapter on caring for the horse's back, with information on holistic therapies and tips for changing potentially problematic management practices.

Dr. Harman is a veterinarian and respected saddle-fitting expert. She has been certified in veterinary acupuncture for fourteen years and veterinary chiropractic for a decade and is trained in homeopathy and herbal medicine. She has owned and operated Harmany Equine Clinic, a holistic veterinary practice in Washington, Virginia, since 1990.

* * *

by Edward W. Hart Published May 2004

An update and ambitious expansion of a classic from England. Surely this will be the ultimate reference book for novice and veteran exhibitors in all breeds.

PAGES: 352, full color throughout
FORMAT: 8 x 10", hard bound, dust jacket
ILLUSTRATIONS: full color photos throughout including detailed series of photos showing harnessing, hitching, braiding, etc. step by step.

COST $70 per book plus $7 postage in US; $18 air to Canada, $26 air postage elsewhere. (Send US funds only, Visa/MC preferred for foreign orders.)

DELIVERY TERMS: Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery in US. Foreign orders are difficult to estimate.

EXPEDITED DELIVERY: Please inquire. Overnight or
2-day service available to most US and foreign points.

CONTENTS: Introduction by John Young CBE;
Part 1: Choice and Care of the Heavy Breeds: Choice of Breed, Breed Characteristics; feeding; field and pasture management; grooming and rugs, SHOEING, veterinary matters, breeding and rearing (choice of stallion, etc.)
PART 2: Vehicle Types and Acquisition; Choice, Fitting & Care of Harness, Turnout Driving;
PART 3: Planning & Preparation: Preparing for the Ring; PART 4: SHOWING: Judges and Stewards, Showing In-Hand, Agricultural Classes, Riding Classes, Obstacle Driving, PLOUGHING MATCHES, Photography, Harness Directory, Heavy Breed Societies.
BREEDS COVERED: Shire, Clydesdale, Percheron, Suffolk, Ardennes, American Belgian (briefly), Irish Draught, Fell and Dales Ponies
OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Driving tandems, randems, unicorns, pick-ax, fours, great detail on grooming for in-hand and harness classes. Riding draft classes too! Much material contributed by farrier and judge Roger Clark FWCF including how legs of Suffolks are judged, specimen shoes.

* * *

The Sound HoofTHE SOUND HOOF: Horse Health from the Ground Up
by Lisa Simons Lancaster PhD, foreword by Fran Jurga.

Cost: $27 per book plus $5 post in USA, $12 air post r.o.w.

Published October 2004.

Soft cover. 126 pages, illustrations/photos, references, reading list, indexed. Focuses on current therapy and philosophies, both traditional mainstream and “natural” shoeing and barefoot care of horses. Author is a leading research team member in hoof physiology lab (Michigan State University) and a farrier.

1. Holistic Hoofcare (Holistic practitioner, chronic condition issue, farrier’s role in holistic hoofcare, horseman’s role in holistic hoofcare)
2. Hoof and Lower Leg Anatomy (terminology, anatomical structure)
3. Reading the Hoof (evaluating soundness, understand balance, three-dimensional balance)
4. Hoof Care Research and Theory (The nature of research, hoof deformation research, history of hoof deformation research, breakover, 4-pt trim and natural balance)
5. To shoe or not to shoe (Balance, conformation, advantages of barefoot, disadvantages of barefoot, things to discuss with your farrier, dealing with pain)
6. Laminitis and navicular (laminitis, what is laminitis, causes and mechanisms, metabolically based theories, how is laminitis diagnosed, horse do you know if your horse has laminitis, what to do if you suspect laminitis, prevention and treatment, navicular syndrome, clinical signs, diagnosing navicular, speculative mechanism and risk factors, relationship between inner and outer structures, prevention and treatment of heel pain, foam padding for heel pain, holistic approach)
7. Sound management (support team, selecting a farrier, how to keep a farrier, doing your own trimming, safety, record keeping, scheduling, your horse’s health is in your hands)
8. Action gallery (holistically-managed--mostly barefoot—sound horses in competition and recreation
9. Forms, appendices, references, resources, index.

(Note this book has been endorsed by farrier author Henry Heymering with a resoundingly positive back cover review, and you know how hard that is to come by! He says, among other good things, “Much of the research on hooves from ancient to current times is explained with unmatched clarity. The more people read this book, the more sound horses there will be.”)

Note: Many of you read Lisa’s insightful article about her role assisting Dr Robert Bowker in hoof research projects at the Michigan State University’s “Equine Hoof Laboratory” in Hoofcare #78.

* * *

This book is currently unavailable. We hope to offer
it again soon!

by Jean-Marie Denoix, professor of anatomy, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, France.
400 pages, over 1200 photographs and drawings.

Cost is $
249 (hoofcare.com special online ordering price) plus $12 postage in USA. $25 postage to Canada. Not currently available for overseas orders due to weight restrictions except by special arrangement.


An American Horse Publications Award-Winner!

Explaining the latest research of and therapy for foot injuries and lameness

By Fran Jurga, Hoofcare & Lameness Publisher

Foreword by Hilary Clayton MRCVS, McPhail Chair in Sport Horse Lameness, Michigan State University
Color illustrations by Chris Pollitt MRCVS, Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit, University of Queensland, Australia

It's here! The put-it-in-your-pocket, throw-it-on-your-dashboard, never-be-without-it quick reference guide to all horse foot problems -- at a cost everyone can afford! Designed for both farriers and veterinarians and therapists, as well as the more knowledgeable owner and trainer who likes to be well-informed! You'll use this book again and again!

Read more . . . 

Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot
by Christopher C. Pollitt MRCVS

When this book was first published in 1995, you could have heard a pin drop. Around the world, farriers and veterinarians quietly thumbed through the pages that would become their visual menu for lameness reference. It is impossible to say too many nice things about this book. It is, quite simply, a series of photographs -- almost 500 of them -- each of which illustrates an aspect of lameness in the horse's foot. Each photo is accompanied by a detailed caption explaining the case or the condition. Many surgical, medical, and shoeing treatment options are offered, and in many cases the photos are "before and after," offering insight into prognosis for soundness or normal conformation. By far the largest section of the book covers laminitis, Dr. Pollitt's special field of expertise. Both clinical and theoretical aspects of the disease's causes, onset, and devastating effects on the foot are covered. Dr. Pollitt, a contributing editor for Hoofcare & Lameness, is professor at the University of Queensland's School of Veterinary Medicine in Australia. He is a noted photographer whose skill behind the lens and insight behind the pen make this book a treasure. Hardcover, 208 pages, 494 illustrations and photos

Book is available by special order only and copies provided may be used or new. Price subject to availability.

Note: Also available: "Horse Foot Studies" companion videotape by Dr. Pollitt ($59 plus $5 postage in USA).
Conditioning Sport Horses
by Hilary Clayton MRCVS

Conditioning has become the passion of equestrians in search of peak performance from their horses, and the newest field of study for equine practitioners, who seek to both treat performance-related injuries and prevent them by monitoring condition in sport horses. Author Hilary Clayton, an internationally known researcher and veterinary anatomist, unifies riders, stable managers, and health professionals in this book, as she examines not just the horse and its response to conditioning, but also the vastly differing demands of different sports on horses. Detailed explanations of the physical demands, nutritional recommendations, and scheduling parameters are compiled for precise use in sports: dressage, show jumping, eventing, combined driving, endurance racing, polo, cutting, reining, sprinting sports, and chuck wagon racing each have a chapter outlining cardiovascular conditioning programs, strength training, suppling exercises and in some cases, diet and competition strategy.

Exercise physiology, including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, plus energy production, heart rate monitoring, and nutrition is completely covered; content is geared to serious competitors and/or health professionals. Softcover, 271 pages, line drawings, glossary. Note: Dr. Clayton has recently been named to fill the Mary Ann McPhail Chair in Dressage-Related Lameness at the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
$45 plus $5 shipping in USA


Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse: A Comprehensive Approach to Equine Kinesiology:
by Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix and Jean-Pierre Pailloux

2nd Edition 
An expanded and updated second edition of this best-selling book!

"...a landmark book. It convincingly synthesizes conventional medical  science with manipulative therapy for performance deficit in a context of  reverence for the equine athlete. " - Dr. Matthew Mackay-Smith, Medical Editor of EQUUS
Unlike the human athlete where the techniques of movement can be improved by direct communication, the horse may be harmed because it cannot be heard. Trainers, therapists, veterinarians, farriers, and caretakers need special sensitivity to the biomechanics of the horse.
In the first part of the book, the authors discuss neuromuscular physiology, anatomy, and basic biomechanical concepts. Later they address the horse in athletic competition and resulting stresses and injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and how they may be treated with physical therapies including:
   . Massage 
   . Electrotherapy 
   . Ultrasound 
   . Low-energy laser 
   . Thermal therapy
An entirely new section has been added to this second edition, which thoroughly covers mobilization and stretching-complemented by 61 new illustrations that make this manual even more invaluable for serious equine caretakers.
A special section shows the author's process for interphalangeal extension to develop flexion of the coffin joint and collateral ligaments of the foot. Manipulation of the foot and fetlock are stressed, and club feet are discussed, along with many tendon and ligament strains and disorders, their therapy, and the process for reintroducing the horse to training.
JEAN-MARIE DENOIX is a professor of veterinary anatomy and biomechanics at Alfort in Paris, France and director of the CIRALE diagnostic imaging and therapy clinic in Normandy, France. He is consulting editor to Hoofcare & Lameness and author of the spectacular EQUINE DISTAL LIMB textbook of the anatomy of the foot.
Co-author JEAN-PIERRE PAILLOUX is an equine physiotherapist who has served as the official therapist to the French national equestrian team.
Hardcover, laminated; 256 pp . 6 x 9 . 169 b/w photos and drawings
$38 plus $5 postage USA ($8 postage to Canada; $12 postage overseas)
Fax form to 978-283-8775 with Visa/Mastercard information or call 978-281-3222 during business hours to place your order.


By Martin Deacon FWCF and Gail Williams PhD

Hoof balance in horses is a controversial subject: this book tackles one method used in England. Authors explain abnormal leg conformations in the horse and how the t-square balance method can help restore a horse's normal landing pattern and hoof shape. Much useful information is included, and excellent visuals, even if you don't agree with the method. Very useful for horse owners, excellent introduction to foot anatomy. Full color artwork and dozens of good photographs, throughout, plus index, 144 pages.

Cost of book: $46
Postage in USA $5, Canada $8, Elsewhere $12.


Horse Foot Studies Video
by Chris Pollitt.

The all-time must-have "watch-this!" explanation of circulation, weightbearing, function of the foot.

$59 + $5 postage in USA


Overseas: Canada/Mexico add $3 add'l postage per book; elsewhere add $10 add'l per book for air mail. Send US funds only. Visa/Mastercard preferred for international sales. Fax orders are great.

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